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Super Mario World Rom
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Super Mario World ROM

Bring in Some Dino-Power!

Super Mario World ROMNintendo has been entertaining gamers with the Mario series for quite some time now, and with every title they release, you can always expect that there would be some new, and some familiar elements together with them. That goes the same for SNES’s Super Mario World, very new, but surprisingly familiar. This game takes place in somewhere called Dinosaur Land, where Mario, Luigi and Princess Peach are out on a vacation, and once again, archenemy Bowser comes into the scene to take the princess, so another adventure begins. Like all games from the Mario series, Super Mario World doesn’t fail and delivers another fun and exciting adventure.

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The graphics had a major step up. Being on a more capable system, levels are rendered way more beautifully than the NES titles and have new unique environments.
R4 DS2 Card for Mario Roms Mario meets a new companion in this title, a dinosaur native to the land named Yoshi, who helps Mario in his journey through Dinosaur Land. Yoshi now becomes part of the cast and will be seen in future titles.

Yoshi plays a big role in Super Mario World. Mario can now ride Yoshi on the back as they travel, and Yoshi is also able to eat enemies.

Super Mario World has a lot of secret levels and this definitely one of the reasons to play the game again.

Super Mario World has been implemented quite well and is very interesting and fun. With lots of new features and beautiful landscapes, this game is definitely worth a try.

Super Mario World (U) [!].smc
Super Mario World (E) (V1.1) [!].smc