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Super Mario Land Rom
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Super Mario Land ROM

Yeah! More New Enemies to Stomp On!

Super Mario Land ROMSuper Mario Land was the first Mario title ever to hit the Game Boy. This game was still a 2D platformer and resembles Super Mario Bros. in many ways. But just like all Mario games, this game features a new plot, and does not take place in Mushroom Kingdom but in a place called Sarasaland, which is divided into four kingdoms, Easton, Muda, Birabuto, and Chai. The story starts out as a Princess named Daisy is kidnapped by an alien named Tatanga that wants to marry her, so Mario is called out to rescue her. Super Mario Land makes use of a lot of concepts, some new, and some old, to bring us a pretty good game for the Game Boy.

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The game has a lot of new scenery - the four kingdoms are well made, with a lot of backgrounds like totem poles, pyramids, and mountains that give it more of an ancient and mysterious setting.R4 DS2 Card for Mario RomsWith a new setting come some new enemies and new obstacles. An example for this is the Nokobon, an enemy that explodes after a few seconds when Mario jumps on him.

Perhaps the greatest change in this title is that in some levels, Mario is now able to ride a submarine, or an airplane to finish the level. Mario has been running and jumping around ever since he first came out, its good to see new features such as this.

For the Game Boy, Super Mario Land is definitely a good game. It’s a Mario game, what could possibly go wrong?

Super Mario Land (JUE) (V1.0) [b1].gb