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Super Mario Bros. 2 Rom
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Super Mario Bros. 2 ROM

Vegetables Are a Good Thing After All

Super Mario Bros. 2 ROMBecause of Super Mario Bros. success, it was only expected that we would see a succeeding title soon. Mario and his brother Luigi is back, together with Princess Toadstool and a new guy (that resembles a mushroom), Toad. The game retains the look of Super Mario Bros. and still is a 2D side-scrolling platformer. But even if the two titles seem somewhat similar, some of the major features of Super Mario Bros, like jumping on enemies, were not present here. Super Mario Bros. 2 plays quite different and has something like a vegetable-plucking theme. But nonetheless, Super Mario Bros. 2 was still a very fun game that makes it a worthy title.

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The game now has 4 playable characters, Mario, Luigi, Princess Toadstool, and Toad. And unlike before, where playing Mario or Luigi made no difference, each character has their own range of jumping, movement speed, and speed of picking up vegetables.R4 DS2 Card for Mario RomsNo more stomping enemies to death in this game, your main weapon of choice now is vegetables that you pick up from the ground and throw at enemies.

Throughout the game, there is at least one hidden flask each level. What these flasks do is create a door in to an alternate world where you can collect coins. At the end of each level, you can use these coins in a slot-machine mini-game to get additional lives.

Bringing in a new experience, Super Mario Bros. 2 was so good that they had a remake of it for the Game Boy Advance.

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