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Super Mario 64 Rom
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Super Mario 64 ROM

Storm The Castle!

Super Mario 64 ROMThere is just no stopping Mario from breaking boundaries. Super Mario 64 is N64’s first Mario title and you’d be surprised at how far Nintendo has gone in expanding Mario’s gameplay. Being the first Mario title to enter the 3D world, Super Mario 64 is a totally brand new experience like none before it. The story takes place in Princess Peach’s castle as she invites Mario over for a visit. When Mario arrives, he realizes that Bowser has invaded the castle and is taking Princess Peach as hostage, so Mario storms in to rescue her. Super Mario 64 has taken Mario to the next level with handful of new features that everyone is sure to enjoy.

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Everything is in 3D. The castle is vast and non-linear and you can go anywhere you want to go, within the castle, of course.R4 DS2 Card for Mario RomsA lot has changed in the controls. Mario is no longer restricted to just running around and jumping, now he can even crouch, crawl, and climb

To move to different areas, you need to collect stars. Some stars can only be collected by solving puzzles or defeating bosses.

Mario can collect special caps which serve as power-ups and give Mario different abilities like walking underwater, invulnerability, and even flying.

Secret areas keep the game interesting, and there are a lot of them.

Super Mario 64 is a revolution and a masterpiece. There is no reason not to play this game as everybody will enjoy it and be surprised at how Mario’s gameplay has evolved.

450 - Super Mario 64 (E) [!].v64
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452 - Super Mario 64 (U) [!].v64