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Super Mario 3D Land Rom
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Super Mario 3D Land Rom

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Super Mario 3D Land ROM Oh Mario platforms. You have blessed our childhood, and yet wonderfully entertaining. With the launch of Galaxy Games for the Wii and the current lack of circulation of the new titles for the Nintendo 3DS, this game is sure to have high expectations of him. Just like Super Mario 3D Earth Support?Take a look.

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Uh .... History Right. If you have games with Mario, I'm sure many of you have, you know that Mario platforms bought not for their long and fascinating epic story full of traditions, surprises and emotional moments. No!Princess kidnapped by a large sea turtle, is going to save "more or less important here is not that it must say something more real.
R4 DS2 Card for Mario RomsThe problem here is not the content but the execution. I'm fine with the standard formula, but if you do not add anything to the adventure, which should certainly not assume anything. Maybe it was just me cry, but Princess Peach "MAARRIIOOOOO" about 5 or 6 times to listen to boring quite fast. With so many roles to fisheries in other Mario games, which is seldom heard to cry out and, just them, but I digress. It is not as important as the playing characteristics of others.

Mario and Bowser is exactly as you want: a strange and agile, the other large, wild, so I have no complaints.

And unfortunately, we have surpassed the meat of this package, and I tell you, not only does not disappoint, they my expectations. The controls are so well done that makes this game a pleasure to travel in. The acceleration is fantastic, the speed, the jump is easy to control, jumping feels natural enemies, and other features make this game fun up in First, from the time around again, like my favorite jump, jump pivot. The long jump and run to the wall like a fantastic return on investment. I was sad not to see the triple jump, but I could not live without them. Finally there is the addition of new abilities roll, jump and roll and. Like you, if you crouch and press the Run button (Y or X), Mario goes rolling forward. In addition, if you jump while rolling, you can make a jump shot, which is similar to the long jump, but there is more speed and distance, and essential to the tip of the mast hit extreme levels. Run run, jump, and roll through the levels is great, and used a lot, I can not imagine a Mario game without him.

On a side note, I have to call around the platform 3DS. For some, it's not easy getting used to. It took a world or two to adapt. If you name a time and are really start to sweat a bit, the keyboard can be slippery move on her, and accidentally running off a cliff.It happens, but in my experience it is very rare. Fortunately, once you used on the platform of a circle, moving in a 3D world with it works very well and feels good.

We come now to the power-ups to come. A small regular Mario, Mario is normal, announced Fire Flower Mario, and the demand for return as Tanooki. To begin, the fire-flower is a pleasure to use. The fireballs can be performed quickly and easily, and get easily bounced the walls and kill enemies have a perception, but it is good - I am sure that Mario fans that are used. And then there are the Tanooki suit. Since the beginning of the game with this request seems to be everywhere, and makes it a breeze platforms, so that you can drastically reduce the descent. You can rotate images in order to eliminate enemies and activate switches. You can not fly with him, unfortunately, but with the way the game is designed is not exactly necessary.Also new is the power-booster in New Super Mario Bros. Wii is located. It is difficult to see very often and can not be removed from the plane, but is well controlled and intuitive, and are designed to make it is a pleasure to use. Finally there is a power-up, my favorite, but do not spoil. Suffice it to say that it is also, for the twentieth time, to use an absolute joy and has its own strategic uses around it.

The following is the level design. The speed and pace of the game are very similar to the properties of 2D Mario games, but the concrete levels in full 3D. The game is not on an exploration of the Super Mario 64, Super Mario Galaxy goal-oriented than 2 is based.They are almost always travel in one direction, with ups and hidden star coins (collection of the game, three levels) if you want to find a little off track.

In fact, if you have played Super Mario Galaxy 2, you will quickly see how 3D Super Mario country needs him, and considering that the game has a perfect score in every respect, it is certainly positive. The level design is very good. The levels are short, very short, but it feels fresh and fun to experience again and again.

I can access pages on the various aspects of gameplay to go, but to summarize, that are simply amazing and the family ", nuff said.

One word to describe how this game would see colors. Colorful. The graphics performance of 3DS allows you to see this game is very beautiful, with many dramatic details in all areas of the level of art and design to life.

The most important call or promoted fairly unique visual capabilities of 3D 3DS. One wonders whether the game is in 3D or not affected. I say it is, but a bit difficult to demonstrate in concrete terms. It is not the point. 3D in this game feels very, very naturally, that's important, because 3D is incorrectly applied to the eyes tiring and uncomfortable. This game does the opposite. What is gratifying to play in 3D mode and the effect is used. As you progress through the levels, things are coins, platforms, sand, etc., always leaving the screen a little, and it looks great. I remember a point where a little magic Magikoopa shot me. The Magikoopa was ahead, so that the ball went to the Mario magic and off-screen. He left the screen, so that even the reflex set slightly to the left for myself - it's how good it is in 3D. There are even some places where they use tricks 3D blocks, swap places to call if other 3D mode is changed from OFF to ON in comparison - it can be lived in the opening tutorial, and it is very impressive.

There are too many to hear new songs, and are more or less space between the layers. To smile about some nostalgic melodies, while new ones (especially the main theme) will be humming from time to time.Notable are the subject of the epic final battle soundtrack theme in the desert, and my favorite: the theme from the beach. Noise affects the abundance and life are like that, with some notable detailed (think Mario carries the wood, grass or rock, they sound different stages).

First, if you like Mario games, then this game will bring you again and again because of how much fun it is. There are 8 worlds to the main game, and part of the end-game content changed (please call if you are particularly interested). Like most of the levels are very short, and there are 5-6 levels per world, is the main game less than 10 hours at a rapid rate, about 10, when it moves slower. 100% of the game again (collect from all parts, and the last game of fleshy material) take, estimated at 25-30 hours for Mario veterans and a little more for new arrivals. But in general, Mario has more than enough for the price, and a must-buy Mario is obviously experience.

Spot Pass, to my knowledge, is not used, but street right in any case. There are too short to say mini-puzzle boxes that you get parts and powerups stars when completed in time. Street Pass allows the exchange of boxes of mystery among the players 3DS. In addition, once you finish the game, the time of the end of each level is recorded.This data can also be exchanged between the street right with 3DS. Pretty nifty if I say it again myself.

By the way, that was the start of the 3DS, 3D Super Mario Land could not come sooner, to take things, and let me tell you, it brings the console as you would not believe, especially since the main function of 3DS (3D) extremely well and really showed their potential possibilities. However, this game is one word: fun. "This is fun.So funny! As soon as I hit, I want to play again. If you do not dare to buy it without further delay. If you like Mario games now!