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New Super Mario Bros. U Rom
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New Super Mario Bros. U ROM

Mario Bros. in HD

New Super Mario Bros. U ROMMario's latest adventure makes smart things with multiple displays, the Wii U, but it is worth a moment to appreciate what they do with the old maps too. Plumber new 2D adventure will see the return of the world map on the right, the last time at the age of 16 bits. Ordered islands, forests, babbling brooks and oceans Atlas Mario is back in full form, charismatic, so that linear corridors recent worlds in favor of a group of colors connected continents. Tens dispersed phase sewn in all crazy, and yet strangely compelling large.

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Mario 2D requires a good map? Not in the traditional sense is hard to miss when you are frozen on the way to Glacier Plains Acorn, as long as you take the right turning point of the desert Layer Cake. This particular map is not to limit the confusion, but instead of throwing the diverse collection of tricks, jokes and nuts once the ideas that make Mario game - and in a way - especially one that comes in a foreign equipment manner. Its function is to provide options, branches, alternate routes and secrets of the hunt as you go deeper into the adventure.R4 DS2 Card for Mario RomsThe card is full of fun surprises. A section you see here dodging penguins as they slide along her belly and we'll see you through a wooden lattice with the game Mushroom Kingdom creatures that go you to go to another decision on the opposite side. From time to time there will be a level of mysterious brain size not be too persistent gap, you can escape. Nabbit often a thief with a Miyazaki-esque design has clear storm a house next door and Toad, has been achieved to take a step. At the same time gives the world map Mario breathing room last adventure and offers a new collection of 2D levels with a sense of identity and other New Super Mario Bros fees are sometimes missed.

The map of your current progress before departure, as they did once. Sometimes you can even confuse the latest entry in a series that often feels like a dry spin-off for a true sequel to the classic NES and SNES titles. This is a small addition to the surface, but it makes a big difference in the overall atmosphere of the game

God thank you, where followed the guide map, level designers, offers a range of specialties of the invention have the best of the old mario games ideas - and the highest resolution and performance of the U Wii offered. Grunt no new hardware is "not seen on the asset side and animations themselves, necessarily (although it is good to say for the first time the red double doors is a boss room, leathery texture are to them). Instead, it's the size of the playing surface on the screen and the amount of chaos can now be crammed into it. Koopas armies, fleets, a countless number of Goombas and penguins slide: increase these outbreaks in the population over time, and while the game does not seem radically different from New Super Mario Bros. Wii, the extent and severity still afford new generation feels. Next-Gen Nintendo, at least.

High-resolution images are only part of the appeal of the Wii U, of course. Play on your own, and you can switch between the TV and the GamePad. Open banished the main campaign up to four friends in local co-op, however, and Mario, Luigi and two Toads are Wii Remotes. Joystick, now is home busts and pencil mode Boost runs back on a comparison exercise Dungeon Master mushrooms United. They do not have their own little athlete chubby control, but it is free to mess with the world in a handful of enjoyable ways you touch the screen to stun enemies and create - it feels like heresy - up to four additional platforms at any time.

This additional hardware platforms sounds fun on paper, but my first few hours playing with the boost mode in the way of highlights usually assumed to rely on Valium. Co-op in his burlesque - and he at least you know co. During the first few minutes, I just wanted to help. I wanted to rise to relax allies measures that help in the landscape for them, and catch them if we went. It was very elegant, but it only lasted a faucet rather randomly from the screen to the dazzling power of lawlessness that could appear when I. My block release of the new powers for the type of evil As the worlds of caramel moved over walled my friend stopped pixel accuracy by unexpected blankets and even enemies cage place, they liberate precisely the wrong time. I was hysterical and frantic and medium black, but Super Mario Bros.

Actually, as the boost mode to bring almost every action: Enter to act in the world of Mario in a short time, to avoid confusing only. It's really hard to tell whether it really makes things easier or more difficult to control owner can not interfere with a game that is so intense, so physical, so joyously unpredictable changing the rules is just another system, so that They get away with it.

Phases of the campaign are more creative than most of the things that New Super Mario Bros. series previously offered. It is a hill with small bubbles of water scattered to swim hard to move around and there is a squadron luminous beetles steps to help you. A high degree of movement It's a dark scene where sources lamps are glued to the ends - uh-oh! - See the mountains and forests, where large bipedal walking lope on ornamental plants, throw coins if you hit them in the right place at the bottom. In the caves are levels at which the bottom of the glass hanger plasticky that every time you will be made to change the locks jump, you will find really poor communities slides, climbing, horse riding, wash flips between the electrical nodes and streams stretched angry.

Only a new power over me (not including the return of Baby Yoshis, they all come with special abilities that are too good to spoil), but it's a nice addition nonetheless. The suit gives you a flying squirrel fur coat and hat cute little (give a little Soviet Mario), and the ability to glide over long distances. It is an animal faster than the Tanooki suit, and a few clever tricks. The pressure on the trigger or GamePad Wii Remote motion. Significant increases in height, and you can stay on walls in contact with their way down

You really need the flying squirrel - you really need the penguins return costumes, fire and ice flower, revised mini mushrooms and other tricks - because with or without the boost mode is New Super Mario Bros. U greatest Mario game in absolutely age groups.

It is a pleasure to have to cope with this new class design level - and beyond the country, you will discover the plumber has some very nasty tricks that collected their skills to increase their absolute limits. They come in a variety of modes granted additional games based on the Mint Rush in New Super Mario Bros. 2 established.

First, the challenges, a series of single-player (or a player and player-Boost) issues, which may affect the taste of the time attacks, numismatic collections and meetings 1-UP, try to see Goombas without strengthening touching the ground and defeat more enemies in a single slide, the ice was broken. These things feel like the Mushroom Kingdom equivalent content in playing Spec Ops COD: extracurricular goodies that showed the true abilities. Way you can browse your Mii, but it seems so terribly wrong that I do not push yourself. I did not go hiking

Then Boost Rush, who sees up to four players compete to fight in groups of stages, each other in the way of money, in the collection, is the speed at which the screen scrolls automatically increase. Coin Rush is a mixer Wii U, substance, and if it is a real eleven receive the fifth player GamePad a complete bloodbath.

Speaking of bloodshed ended coins battle off yummy things in a spirit of antagonism: a line of four players to run the most effective through a series of levels refined nostalgic, some of which won all the way back to the days even before Mario Bros. "Super "prefix. To go as a party game, that's all rivals Nintendo earth. It will make you scream and scream like a Mario game as possible.

The package may sound a little uneven, at this point, but it feels like the game as constant as possible New Mario Bros. again. It is certainly the safest, or play with the physics and design multi - as always - his own story. Bring Banzai Bill Bullet Bill and cold storage, for example, and starts a new bill seeks to torpedo submarine variants, while in other places, you can run a little wear and YoshiYoshi hungry babies at all levels, as long as you stay with them may.

During the game, tricks and feints, can not help but marvel at how can the worlds of Mario choreographed - dances to the rhythm perfectly piston pumps Koopa patrols multiple mobile platforms you feel fat like a cog in a huge machine - and allows creativity and freedom as you play. More than ever, Mario is designed to flit in and out of the fast steps that moves around here - be in phase when treading Koopa and sending its shell in a number of enemies, and his hard unrhythmical funny when you blasted their way through the blocks or back-mirrors from certain death.

Did the plumber? Wii U debut as good as their latest releases in 3D Not quite, but the new series of Super Mario Bros is a real step forward in detail, imagination and character. It has always been an avid brain works well within these exercises Mario 2D design. Now it feels as if it were going to be a soul of his own with him.