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Mario Kart Wii iso

Now that is “Real” Driving

Mario Kart Wii isoMario Kart Wii is the latest Mario Kart title available that was released in April 2008. Mario Kart has been around for quite some time now and is already a great game and known by many, yet Wii has still managed to make some exciting new changes to the Mario Kart series, and here are a few of them.

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The greatest innovation in Mario Kart Wii is the Wii Wheel. There’s actually nothing special about the wheel, but what is does is house the Wii Remote so you can control the game like steering a real car. For a racing game, this is huge. R4 DS2 Card for Mario RomsMario Kart Wii made a considerable increase of racers and now has 24 racers to choose from and 36 vehicles which may be a racing Kart or a Motorbike.

Each Kart and Motorbike has different stats that give each a unique feel. Selecting carefully the vehicle that fits your style is vital to win your races.

Mario Kart Wii makes a use of a new boost system. Drifting with Karts gives you a speed boost at the end of the drift. Motorbikes can do wheelies to speed up in long straight courses but will have trouble doing the wheelie on a curve.

By shaking the Wii Wheel (Wii Remote) when in mid air, you can make your racer do tricks and stunts to gain a small boost when landing.

Really, Mario Kart Wii has pushed the possibilities of the game. This is definitely a game you will be remembering.

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