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Mario Kart DS Rom
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Mario Kart DS Rom

Racing With Two Points of View

Mario Kart DS ROMNot surprisingly, Mario Kart DS is said to be the best Mario Kart game out there, and yet the DS is a humble handheld system. This is probably good proof that in some cases, size doesn’t matter. Mario Kart DS packs in all the excitement and fun of its console counterparts and probably packs even more. So what exactly does this title offer? Let’s find out.
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First off, Mario Kart DS makes use of the two screens of the Nintendo DS providing two views of the action and environment. The top screen displays all the racing action. You see your racer and the track in a third-person view from the back. The bottom screen displays an overhead view of everything else. You see the track and everything that’s on it like other racers, incoming hazards and items.R4 DS2 Card for Mario RomsPassing through boxes on the track allows you to gain items that give you an immediate advantage like a speed boost or a missile to fire at your enemies to slow them down, and a lot more.

The most popular feature of the Mario Kart DS is its Wi-Fi Connectivity. You can now go online and race with people all around the world giving this game endless fun and replay value.

For being such a small system and providing features like the online play, you now know why everybody says this is the best Mario Kart title. If you are really into racing, this game is bound to give you a new experience in racing games.

0168 - Mario Kart DS (U).nds
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