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Mario Kart 7 Rom

Racing With Two Points of View

Mario Kart 7 ROM I was very excited when I picked this game up to the 4th December. The idea of ​​the race in land, sea and air, and many other features like customizable kart tracks in search of fun, perhaps the best so far in the MK series, has me more excited about this game than any other in the series. All of the above (and more) glorious added new elements to the Mario Kart 7 could be the best Mario Kart yet. However, there are some minor bugs / seniors, from which my sense of doubt.

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The graphics are what Nintendo has promised for 3DS: as powerful as the Wii. Hey, maybe he was lying. Sincerely MK7 graphics far beyond the MKW and maybe even Wii games in general. The game runs at 60 fps for online and offline. The 3D in this game is also very good. The sparks, the driving pop is collect what the opinion of the majority brings you right near the action. Some of these funds and the lateral structures of the tracks are also very pleasing to the eye as well. In particular, the park and World Music Rosalina ice.R4 DS2 Card for Mario RomsThe music is great. The tracks always seem to fit the mood of the environment. Encore Music Park is (naturally) the most notable. As the race actually starts at the track of the music. If the time to correspond to standard with the car seems to. Another unknown in the music fits the film and new ways of U-boats. When gliding, the music fades and transitions in the sound of the wind in front of him. Underwater noise generation and the bubbles burst and the propeller is his kart. More ways to engage the players still appear here and there.

But of course, in this game anything previously seen in the gameplay. Oh boy, where do I start?

I think I'm going with what you just said to start, the two new racing modes. They add depth and variety to the game of the two, I personally prefer underwater. How they changed their drift and processing capacity is needed to acquire the property at the junction between it and the earth.But make no mistake, slipping into the air to gain an advantage over their opponents is very satisfactory. Not only that, but sliding doors revealing otherwise invisible ways and strategies to be more open to diversity in all races. The two underwater modes and sliding doors are strong and large expansions to the game.

A list of 7 Mario Kart has some new, but there was some confusion as to why the need for older veterans are here. 7 Mario Kart has a small list of only 16 characters (or 17 if you count Mii). The short list of the most surprised, myself included, had after leaving MKW about 10 characters. But even with a small selection of characters, yet had the chance to follow in the legendary MK7 Double Dash! The steps and go with a small list, but very, very strong. Sad disappointment. Classics such as Jr. Birdo, Bowser, Diddy Kong, along with veterans like Waluigi needed foreign were excluded. What was worse, the most worthy characters (ie, honey and Mario Queen of Metal, although I like Metal Mario) more of them. The MK7 Maybe he has to recover, because there is eagerly awaited Quake and Shy Guy, with the surprise of everyone's favorite fisherkoopa, Lakitu. Frankly, that's enough for me personally.

7 Mario Kart tracks are lively and full of imagination and polishing. The tracks were new (apparently successful) risks include several rounds are divided into three segments. These tracks Wuhu, Wuhu Wuhu aka Maka Loop 2 and Rainbow Road are demolished. But those are side issues for another time. Each track is carefully crafted and beautifully designed and shine to give the player the option in all circles. You will also find many references that are easily visible or invisible in the tracks. For example, the DK Jungle is completely based on Donkey Kong Country Returns for Wii. Slide Piranha Plant is outside of the lower floors of the old Mario platform is located. Every track is a sense of whether a new experience or nostalgia, which is a big advantage for a game like Mario Kart. Barriers are also very difficult and frustrating to the capacity can easily get something to them.The tracks are all remastered beautifully retro, including the majority of new ways to slip under the water.

Now, some critics, it is possible that the common problem of "adaptation options with little or none." Let me tell you this: There was not even offer customization in any game of Mario Kart yet? That's it. The coin was added to the game.If you get a coin while in a race, there is an increase in the acceleration you reach your top speed faster. However, these pieces are also packed, open new kart customization options. You can exceed 10 parts per race. I think first, you get a new piece every 10 or 25 pieces. But as the number of parts, always the intervals for the release of larger parts. The last step is to hit around 1000 coins, and I do not even think I'm close to all parts of the kart customization options Little or no ear. Not to mention there (remember, these assumptions) about 20 organizations Kart, 10 sets of wheels, gliders and 5 Every part of influence on the statistics and how dramatically the race, except perhaps the gliders. But even the smallest difference and identify careers. Also do not forget that each kart combination is even more affected by the weight of your character: mild, moderate or severe. Thus, all possible combinations Kart multiplied by 3 And that's why there are hundreds of different total labor cost statistics.

What has happened now with all this praise, you may be wondering, "why only 10:08?" Well, I will explain.

Another thing about Mario Kart 7, which is a lot of players today, harassment, the fact that single-player VS was removed. This leads to the ability to create a certain distance in a time of play, with the click of a button.Put it, it takes players to a survey or how long to play online. So those who have no connection to the Internet for 3DS outside in the cold and will probably not get very far at all with this game. However, there is a nice little cameo in the game that I like. You can also test the spirits more time for each track by right spot and race against seven of them. Practically it is like a normal race. However, this action can not be done if your Mario Kart Channel, which requires an Internet connection already exist.

So what's the problem with using the Internet, if you have access? A lot. Many of my friends. The online game Mario Kart 7 is undoubtedly the worst of the series. He has endless delays and technical problems. It was suggested that people start the race before other, which is the effect of deformation on the screens of the other, that the player gives an early advantage and unfair. In addition, it can be shown that the placement in front of someone in the career of the screen, but actually standing in front of you.This makes it possible confusion and conflict between the runners. The timing is bad in general. The communication error (although it can not be ragequitting people) are also innumerable.

That's not all. Generation of TPH, I was one of the players is the worst fighting there in the world. I took it as seriously as the race. In Mario Kart 7 of the battle mode is terrible. It contains only six cards, each one is too tight or boring. It's slow and has almost no action in it. As for me even worse, like Mario Kart's battle to 7, that currency traders .. actually slightly exceeded the battle world. * Shivers * Both are terrible anyway.

Overall, this game or not really be the best game of Mario Kart, but always for my $ 40, despite these setbacks. A nice game is a must buy for any true fan of Mario Kart, online or offline.

0168 - Mario Kart 7 (U).nds
0201 - Mario Kart 7 (EU).nds